When choosing Machri...

We not only provide you the villa of your dreams, but also put together your tailor made holiday.

From the choice of your villa to every detail of your stay we enrich your holiday with carefully selected services and unique experiences.


Choose between JMK Airport, or any other Helipads in Mykonos like the one in your private villa or maybe even to Nammos

Arrive in style with your private Heli transfer from Athens to Mykonos. 


We know getting a taxi can be quite the challenge, therefore we recommend using  private transfers when getting from A to B.

Luxury vans or cars for both small and large groups, we got it!


Whether you prefer a no roof SUV, or a smaller compatible car suited for the narrow streets, we got you covered.

Want to get the full Mykonos experience? Renting a car is recommended when wanting to explore the whole island and all the breathtaking beaches the only 85,5 km² island has to offer. 

Private Jets

Then there’s the beauty of avoiding airport terminal crowds and dispensing with the need to arrive hours early to allow for unexpected traffic and long security or check-in lines.

The advantages of private Jets are clear – comfort, privacy, and schedule flexibility to start with. 


Cruise from island to island or beach to beach, and explore some of the untouched beaches only accessible by boat.

Charter a Yacht for the day and explore the dreamlike blue water the Cyclades and the Aegean sea is known for. 

Boat transfers

but arriving in style to your favourite beach club like a scene out of a movie is definitely also one of the perks of a private boat transfer.

Not only is it convenient if you’re not feeling like getting stuck in traffic…


In the mood for Greek? or maybe even another cuisine we selected only the best chefs at what they are specialized in.

Relaxing in the comfort of your private villa while your private chef is cooking up some delicious food only made from the best and freshest local products and ingredients is a must when renting a villa! 


All you have to do is ask, and we will do ours to provide. Maids can be provided on an hourly basis.

All of our villas are featuring complimentary maid services. Nevertheless for our guests who require extra services or staff during their stay.


Don’t worry, our trusted and professional babysitters will take care of your children in the safest way possible. So relax and enjoy your stay to the fullest, you deserve it!

In the mood for a night out, but too worried about leaving the kids home alone?


Our discreet and professional security guards can be hired on a daily basis and can be provided both day and night.

We provide security for our guests who desire extra protection at their villa or when going out crowded places and just wanting to have an intimacy free experience. 

Personal Trainer Yoga / Pilates

Look no further, we carefully selected our own trainers who individually mastered their areas of expertise.

How does a Yoga session in the comfort of your private villa sound? – We know, amazing! Whether you are looking for a yoga or pilates trainer, or maybe even a gym trainer that can push you to the limit when you need it. 

Massage &
other treatments

Are you looking for a manicure or pedicure before your night out? Our professional staff will take care of you, and give you the relaxation you deserve.

Vacation is all about taking care of your body and mind in amazing surroundings. What better way to do that than a massage or any other treatment in your private villa.


Our on site villa specialist will suggest the villa that matches the occasion and your preferences in order for you to be 100% satisfied.

Are you looking to host a party at your villa, or maybe even a wedding or any other kind of event. Look no further and let us provide you with everything, from the DJ to the food.

Restaurants &
Club Booking

Just let us know when and where and we will get it done for you.
Enjoy your stay to the fullest and let us take care of the small things like restaurant and club bookings.